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Hi there Conscious Bees of the Hive,

i had it up 'til here with this f.....
geoengineering / chemtrails !
Those geoengineering idiots have been quite
busy again the last weeks here in Berlin,Germany
and also worldwide like i see on the Chemtrail IG
accounts that i follow. Every day you wake up and
they sprayed up the sky already with aluminum, barium,
strontium and God knows what other nano particles.
By the way, guess who is one of the main Sponsors
of this: That worm Bill Gates and his foundation.
Arrest him for crimes against humanity and the planet!

Let's "shoot back"😉

First with songs and content that raises
awareness for this topic like:
Set the price to 0.00$ and you can get the free
Download, you can pay more if you want. Thank you.



We are in this together!

So i found another way to "shoot back" and
i really think it's the way to go/ develop.

I will dive deeper...

..into the "technical" part of this invention
combining / bringing together knowledge from
Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger and Wilhelm Reich.
More or less we "acupuncture" Mother Earths Sky and
"clean it up"...
Stay tuned, Bless Up and sing the hook with me:

Those Motherf... gotta stop spraying chemtrails,because i want my motherloving blue sky back!😜

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