Piano Progress on video | Air on the G-string - Bach

One of the most beautiful songs there is as a blast from the past and really something that I wanted to learn how to play. A classic from the master Bach himself, and put in a practicing jacket by yourself truly. Thank God for the online course which keeps motivating me and also tells you when you suck.

I sucked a lot trying to learn this bastard. Not that the song is that difficult in terms of transitions, but more like putting it all together is just really not that easy. It took a couple of weeks to get the muscle memory in there, but now….I can now reproduce it without breaking my brain, and that is just awesome.

Here is the song on how I see it when I am playing. The funny thing is the difference when I look at myself when playing. That is the good thing about making a video on yourself every now and then. You can be your own critic on how you position your hands, use your fingers and do the rest of the body language.

As in…I see myself rocking with the entire body along a lot, but on the other hand that is also how I experience music. So I don’t really feel bad about that. But what is most important to see is that the hands go towards logical spots on the piano without thinking that much. Muscle memory.

Is this reading the sheet music also that much? Or is it more focussing that you know what your hands have to do. For me it is the last one. I got a sheet music paper book from a friend recently, and that paper book doesn’t correct me when I make mistakes. That is when you notice you still have enough to work on.

Piano progress…it is still work in progress

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