Rock Classics - Because we can!

Weekends are for music time and it not every week this is the same type of music. Lately I had a dance weekend and also a metalweekend (NYHC edition). This weekend it is time for some rock classics since @uwelang , @detlev and @alexvan were already in this one, I feel I can't be left behind in this one even though rock isn't always my cup of tea (besides that I am way too young ssssssst)

Boston - More than a feeling

In Holland you have this radiostation called Arrow Classic Rock which was always on in our household and Boston was one of the classics which was always passing by. To me the roaring sound of the guitars after the solo before the chorus starts..That is what makes this song! 1976 Holy crap

Tuh-dummm..dum dum ..Tuh-te-tuh-tuh dumm dummm

Guns N Roses - Paradise city

Do you also have these songs you put on before having a night on the town? 'Dont stop me now' from Queen is one of those songs to me. But that would be more while dressing and Paradise City would be more when stepping into the car to make a grande entrance at the place where you are going. Imagine the light flashing there and you walking in full confidence. That is Paradise city to me!

Pearl Jam -Jeremy

Gosh the last time I saw Pearl Jam was I think 2012. I was shocked by the amount of wine Edder Vedder was having on stage while preforming. But what a frontman. That voice is just not wrong even though he was falling half down the stage.

As a kid I always found the video a bit too weird for me, but it was intruiging in some kind of way. It turned out that it has inspiration in there fromschool shootings and a kid committing suicide. But the song...just so intense!

Bronksi Beat - Smalltown Boy

Sad to see actually that the topic of this song, namingly a kid who cant really come out with his sexuality is still a topic in 2021.

Okay fair enough this isn't really rock music but I honestly when thinking about Rock Classics I think about 80s classics for the most, and actually this song really should be in there.

The Cure - A Forest

I never really knew the title of this one, nor that I knew from who it was, but this is such a song for when autumn is coming. Again this might be more of a new wave song, but hey...who is defining anything. Rock and New wave, maybe they are more together than we all think. There is such an eerie vibe to this whole song, I love it!

Happy weekend everyone

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