A Song and Life Lessons

June 9, 2022

Music definitely plays an important role in our lives and positively impacts some aspects of our well-being. Just imagine the world without music. No music on weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions. No music in ads and shows, movies, and other videos. What will it be? Probably joyless, so boring. Because even at home, it is sometimes music that makes the house more lively.

Music has been my company ever since I was hooked on it. If I am lonely and sad, it's music that boosts my mood. If I want to be sentimental, music would let me feel the moment. If I want to be groovy, music wouldn't let me down. If I have no company on the street, music wouldn't let me feel alone. Even if I want to ignore the chaotic world, it's music that blocks the toxic noise from entering my auditory system.

And there are a lot of songs that resonate with my life. It's not just the melody that I am after when listening to a certain song, but especially the lyrics and their meaning.

I was 19 years old when I heard this song, our graduation song in college. It is entitled "At The Beginning" by Donna Lewis and Richard Marx.

I wasn't actually aware of this song because I wasn't into listening to music back then. I do love music, but I don't own a gadget I could use to listen to music daily. The old Nokia phone I only had can't even be used to download songs. I wasn't aware either, that this song was actually the soundtrack of the Disney movie Anastasia in the 1990s. I know the movie, but believe me, I didn't watch the full movie of it when I was young.

If you watched this movie, you probably know this song as well. Ever since I heard this song, I was always excited to sing it during our graduation rehearsals, especially since my close friend sitting next to me has a golden voice, mine was a bronze voice though, lol. She just motivated me to enjoy singing the song every rehearsal.

This is such a very good song, you can play the video above to listen to it. It has so much love and hope and teaches us about life. It's actually about relationships and going through with someone important in your life, your partner, for instance. But in general, the song has so many lessons about life, not just about relationships.

I like its lyrics too. Every time I listen to this song, it only reminded me of my journey throughout my life. From the beginning when I was only a kid and how I ended up where I am currently in.

Our life is a long adventure and we could meet different people along our journey that make it worth taking. Some would teach us lessons, some would betray us, some would hurt us, some would inspire us, some would befriend us, some would love us, and some would give us unforgettable beautiful memories. They all come into our life as strangers, but some would opt to stay and become a real part of our lives.


This is what I like about this song. It reminds us to keep going in life and keep flowing like water in the river. Thus, we shouldn't stop collecting beautiful memories with different people we meet throughout our journey in life. And people who opt to be part of our lives are those whom we can lean on and could give us hope during stormy days of our life.


People we met may come and go, but some would want to stay for the rest of our life. I'm not just referring to a romantic partner, for those who don't have one like me, the real friends we met throughout our journey and those who are willing to stay from the beginning until the end are worth keeping.


And no matter what happens, there will always be someone that would come to help us survive any storms of life. And at the end of any tribulations, someone would stand at the beginning with us. Not just a partner, but also friends, and our family.

As I extended my journey to this blogging world, I met beautiful people too that I value regardless of differences in race and perspectives. We may go part ways sooner or later, but one thing is certain, you guys become part of my life. And in the end, I would virtually stand at the beginning with you šŸ˜Š.

Every time I listen to this song, an adage from Ronald Reagan is what comes first to my mind.

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Life is indeed a grand sweet song. So don't make it so dull and lifeless. Start creating beautiful notes, lyrics, and melodies. Turn on the music. Enjoy! Because life is worth living.


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