Stuckhome Syndrome - New Album Out Today

Hello good people of the peakd community,

Some new music in opposition to the world's latest cult.

planet covid.jpg

I had the pleasure of being part of this Covid-19 Collaborative Compilation Album put together so brilliantly by Crann Og Studios and Archaic Revival Productions of Leitrem, Ireland.

stuckhome syndrome.jpg

It features 3 of my songs and there is a nice mix of folk, rock n roll and some "harder stuff". Lots of surprise guests also!

Stuckhome Syndrome - Bandcamp

I am more than concerned about new powers guards in Ireland are about to get in regard to access to electronic device pin-codes. Our unelected government and others alike have got their inch and now are going for their mile. The hammer of tyranny is striking but we are here to stand and deliver, as Eric Clapton put it.

I wish for the best for everyone. Time will tell the story.


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