All I Do - Stevie Wonder (cover)

Hey guys!

Today we are listening to a song by Stevie Wonder, but by me. It's a song from the album "Hotter Than July'" released in 1980.
Really enjoyed the song and from the first chord it has a catchy feeling.

I have to admit that it is a somewhat difficult song to play, but I always enjoy a good challenge.
It's always harder to try to play a song live instead of pre-recording it then producing a music video for a song.

Of course one could argue that the sound isn't as clean, but at the end of the day there's something very satisfying when you can nail a performance it's almost like when you get stuck in a video game at one specific level, and when you finally pass the level, the weight of the world lift off your shoulders. It's pure endorphins 🤣

Another metaphor that I would like to use, is that it's like nailing a trick on a skateboard. You can spend and number of hours and even days trying to do the same trick over and over again and you will fail miserably, many times, eventually there will be one time when you will land it. Anyway, this metaphor this morning and I was very proud of it 😂 precious about the instant, the moment, the now.

When you press the red button, there is a certain pressure that is difficult to to avoid. Being able to let it go to just breathe the music in and out is a mind trickery of its own,I don't even think it's really possible.

This is my version of the song, I'm not entirely satisfied with it as usual ☺️ but sometimes you just gotta let go. I wonder if I've ever had that feeling of full contentment that comes with...come... what does it come up with?
How do you become fully satisfied of your craft, is it through the eyes of and ears of others?

I even wonder if Stevie Wonder ever doubt himself.
Surely he is so used to being amazing that he gets accustomed to this energy that people are projecting toward him.

Or maybe now with age he is actually doubting himself because of physical capabilities that dwindled with age. Or the opposite for many found peace in simplicity a bit like Picasso.

Also interesting to note in regards Stevie Wonder career, he seemed to have had his most proactive and prolific years, in the 70s up until the 90s.

With age comes a different rhythm, and I cannot even imagine how Stevie Wonder must feel after having written numerous hits, wondering if you feel satisfied with career I know he thanks god all the time (in interviews) I'm or is he still wanting to write another head to reach that level again, that next video game level.

"All I Do"

You made my soul a burning fire
You're getting to be my one desire
You're getting to be all that matters to me
And let me tell you girl
I hope and pray each day I live
A little more love I'll have to give
A little more love that's devoted and true
'Cause all I do is think about you

All I do
Oh baby
Is think about you
Think about you baby
All I do
Is think about you

Baby just suppose I should happen to cross your mind
And by some chance a boy like me you're really been trying to find
Well let me tell you girl
Think of how exciting it would be
If you should discover you feel like me
If you should discover this dream is for two
We'll I'm gonna tell you girl
I'd light a candle every day
And pray that you'll always feel this way
And pray that our love will forever be new
'Cause all I do is think about you

All I do
Oh baby
Is think about you
I think about you
All I do
Yeah, baby
Is think about you

Gonna tell you girl
I'd light a candle every day
And pray that you'll always feel this way
And pray that our love will forever be new
I'm gonna tell you girl
If I cannot have you for my own
I'd rather be lonely and all alone
I'd rather keep thinking the way that I do
'Cause all I do is think about you

Anyway thanks for listening to the song I hope that you enjoyed it. I tried to upload 3speak but it bugged I'll try again next time, uploading from my phone and I'm sure the connection is not as stable. Cheers!

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