Spread the Vibes challenge: Dreaming about the Perfect Club event

Today when some of us are working on posts to provide some input to the #SadSunday tag, I woke up with the strong urge to pickup the invitation from @andrewmusic. The request: Respond to his post. The challenge: Spread the Vibes. At the same time, days ago I asked @mipiano to get her dancing shoes ready and be prepared for some underground electronic music.

My Response: to Andrew's entry

Andrew is one of our most passionate guitar players. Whenever I watch one of his videos, it makes me happy to see him getting one-with-the-music. In his entry to "Spread the Vibes" (source) we get to rock to this song we all know: "Paradise City", by Gun N` Roses (Andrew's Post).

Please watch the video before continuing reading, so you understand why I'm writing what I write next.

It's clear, Andrew should be a stage performer. Realising he learned to play along with this song just the day he created the recording, he did an excellent job. Listening the recording first through my laptop speakers, I had to grab my headphones to get a much better sound in my ears. You shall know: I only put my headphones one, when I like something 馃檭 Not only Andrew looks passionate when playing, he also sounds passionate. I don't know much of rock music, but I believe this guy knows what he does and has all the skills needed to jump into a song and get something going with an end result I can appreciate a lot!

Andrew: "You did it!"

Woodstock: Dance Club at the beach at Bloemendaal aan Zee (Netherlands)

My Entries

Yes, plural. I couldn't limit my selection to 1, that was clear from the start. Since the whole situation we are in with the lockdowns, no clubs events and festivals going, I seem to listen less and less the music I so much love. Now, a year in and out lockdowns, I long for more than some great sounds, pushed into my ears by the best speaker systems around. I can think of only one place I like to be: "Berghain" in Berlin. Its sound system is so good, it's almost impossible to believe this is setup by humans. Whenever I enter Berghain, walking up the stairs from the club entrance to the dance floor, I get goosebumps, irrespective of the music played. Perfection, is the only word that comes to mind.

Long story short. My music selections give the idea what I like to hear when we are allowed into clubs again. All these recordings makes my mind and skin to react. Mind: the feeling of being one with the music. Skin: goosebumps, maybe even some tingeling. Needless to say which location I dream about. At Berghain, the combination of the music and the sound quality enhances all the great feelings even more.

Though Berghain is for some about the harder styles of Techno, I won't mind at all when someone like Lanoche plays a set like the one below, opening my Berghain session at Sunday morning. A perfect sound to start a 12 to 20hrs music experience.

The most perfect setting would be: The Berghain floor with open ceiling allowing the sun to show itself to all of us in the room. Need to talk with the owners: To be able to make my dreams come true, they have to re-model the ceiling, since today it is not possible to open it. Some waterbeds and couches will be nice as well!

Those who are interested to know: Lanoche is Spanish and as far as I know, plays all her sets in a live setting. Meaning, no records, no tracks, but music creation on the spot. More of her work, you can find in her Soundcloud channel.

After the warming up with the deep, ambient-ish, slow techno sounds of Lanoche, it's time for some more serious techno vibes. Etapp Kyle is known to me as someone who can perfectly build the bridge between the sound of Lanoche towards the sound of my 3rd selection. For what I know, he is the best music export product of Ukraine. Resident at Berghain, he varies his sets from chill out vibes to serious minimalistic techno. The recording below gives the combination of both. His Soundcloud channel for more of his work.

After Etapp, at least 8 hours into our music experience (artists are generally playing for at least 4 hours at the Berghain floor), it's time for some serious techno. Peter van Hoesen came to mind. A guy from Belgium which I discovered a few years ago. Unfortunately I never heard him play in a club or on a festival, therefore the perfect artist to pickup from Etapp.

I had to select an older recording, since one of his most recent recordings I was trying to qualify for my dream club event, did not make it. A bit too 'cheesy' electro sounds to my taste, a bit too many mixing errors, and a terrible recording. I still wonder why the recording guy uploaded the set to Soundcloud. Anyway, the selection below is none of that. Maybe 1 or 2 tracks he could've left in his record bag, but the rest is more than A-ok. You like to explore more? Peter's Soundcloud channel.

My Invites

As with any challenge (even when this challenge is also not a challenge), its customary to invite others.

  • @mipiano: A piano lover by heart, from classical to modern. "Will you run, or not?" 馃ぃ
  • @drumoperator: A guy with the most impressive modular setup. Lately more into ambient and experimental, but I'm pretty sure he appreciates techno as well.
  • @bushradio: aka LFO ONE producing music using hardware and playing live sets (as far as I know). I usually like what he shares with our community.
  • @nickyhavey: This active community member is all the way into Drum&Bass and Jungle. I have no idea if Techno can please his ears. Let's see what his response will be 馃檭
  • @iamevilradio: A serieus Techno fan and artist/DJ himself. I do hope he'll pickup this invite. Last post is almost 3 weeks ago, but I'll do my best to reach out to him!

Girls and Guys: This challenge has no timing requirements, so don't feel being pressed to react immediately. But, I do expect a response from you all! I'll hunt you down, when you don't! {again: no pressure 馃ぃ}.

Spread the Vibes Challenge (launch post)

Why this challenge? Easy: To spread warm vibes in our community and along the way to challenge ourselves and others about and around a topic we all love: MUSIC .

You don't have to do much. Just pick a song, write something and invite one or more users to react to your music share. To add a little extra to connect all of us a little more, let's add our reaction to the song shared with us as well. I like it when the song we select is from a genre that is liked by those we invite. In case you don't know the musical taste of those you'll invite, you may check their blog, or search their blog with 'HiveSearcher'.

When using the command: music author:edje you'll get a list of all posts and comments containing the word 'music' posted by the user edje (that's I 馃檭). Replace 'music' with whatever you like to search for. Replace 'edje' with the user you like to dig into.

Tip: Write something with a personal touch. This can be anything: from your thoughts and opinions of the music you share and react to, to any story you like to share with the music. Remember: Music shares without a personal touch is just music that we can find anywhere on the internet. Cool in itself: But won鈥檛 we appreciate music more when something personal is added?

Spread the Vibes Guidelines

No rules, but guidelines:

  • Post Content
    • your reaction to the music that was shared with you
    • your music selection and related story
    • your invites of other HIVE members
    • link to the post you react to
  • Post Tags
  • Post Community
    • any community you like

Easy Piecy! 馃檭

Spread the Vibes Rewards: Lame

Usually, a challenge is packaged with some monetary incentive. But, isn't that boring? And isn't monetising positive vibes not lame? Passion, energy and community vibes: That's what counts!

So you know: Though we can't guarantee some curator team selecting your post for a boost, we also can't guarantee this will not happen 馃槈


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