Dreams & Imaginations: Sunday Morning tunes by Villalobos & Haze

A long long time ago we could go to these magical places of music. Places to allow us to wind-down, live the moment, establish connections with others even if it's 'just' friends-for-the-night. All these happy stuff while being bombarded with music that made us feel alive, that made us feel renewed, that made us feel ultimately happy!

The reality today:
Total lockdown, with an evening clock (enforced since yesterday). Budgets available from the government to support event organisers for events after July 1st and for large mass-market ones only. No support for the cool small events: Not helping!

The only solution: Our Imagination!

Good music, great headphones, eyes closed, memory bucket open, dream and imagination free flow.

This morning:
It was Ricardo Villalobos that helped me to get into this state. It was the 'Prefer Summer' track he co-produced with Jay Haze. Though more than one and a half-decade old, still a track that does it for me. Produced at the time mister Villalobos was not as 'big' as today. The time when he was just crawling out of the side rooms in favour of the main stage.

shot a few years ago at Wildeburg festival by yours truly (source)

A whole lot:
To discover on the musical front. Never heard of Jay Haze. I think I recognise his name, but that's it really. No idea what kind of music he made, but he seems to be closely connected with the label the joined works with Villalobos was released with: Textone records. It seems Textone has their complete catalogue on archive.org (source); 32 EPs in total (source: Discogs).

Question to You:
What moments do you mostly miss these days?
How do you compensate for those?

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