First post in c/music and also HELLO!


Fairly new to Peakd/ HIVE so wanted to pick a few communities that would be most relevant to myself and say hello, music was obviously that first stop because I am a DJ and producer of over 20 years experience, so I will feel very at home here. That doesn't mean that just because I'm a dj that I am only interested in dance / trance / techno music, no no, far from it. In fact, this is the music i WORK with, but not necessarily listen to uniquely. I am also a huge rock, ska, skater punk and heavy metal fan.


circa 2009.

I no longer have long hair, I got it cut short just before trying to emigrate to Australia and thought it would be easier to manager. I was right. I was thinking about growing it back, however, I was wrong. That awkward 'Snape' bob was hard enough first time, and also have progressed in age, annoyingly, so it wouldn't be the same mane it was, more 'haggard roadie of a scrag'.

I digress.

I Dj under the name James Black (which isn't very original) but seems apt as it is my actual name. I livestream fairly regularly on twitch, under 'djjamesblack' and soon 'Vimm' as well - and I'll either be spinning some trance, techno or hard house to my lovely loyal following.

My favourite DJs are Fatboy Slim (for party style) or (old school) Judge Jules for clubbing.

I have done tribute mixes to both of these heroes of mine, which can be found below via soundcloud links:

Fatboy Slim Tribute Mix

Judge Jules Tribute Mix

or my usual hard techno style;

Hard Techno LIVE mix

Anyway, just wanted to pop by and say hello, no doubt you'll all be at the mercy of my musical postings very soon..

In the meantime, stay safe and big love...


Devin Townsend!

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