Who are your Teachers? + Oldschool Mix

Damn its been 12 days already?!

I apologise for my absence I had to take a little break from posting to work on some projects, but I'm back and rearing and if anyone else is feeling a bit run down too I got a mix made by yours truly for your sonic health today.


Featuring some Motor City Drum Ensemble , classic Moodymann and definitely a bit of one of my all time favourites:

Dj Pierre

Interesting fact about Sir Pierre here,

He was actually mentioned on the track "Teachers" by Daft Punk.

Daft Punk - Teachers

There is a track called Teachers off their masterpiece "Homework", featuring lyrics by Thomas Bangalter, whereby they pay homage too and list who they define as their influences and their "teachers" of their own sound.

Apparently it also pays homage to Ghetto Shout Out!, with them playing it alot in their early sets which is a lovely little easter egg if you dig deep enough.

Artists mentioned in the song include some seriously pioneering musicians like DJ Sneak, Louie Vega, Dr. Dre, Armand Van Helden, Todd Edwards, and a whole host of others, some brilliant artist even made a animated video with drawings of each artist which you can check below:

But for those that are just in a reading kinda mood the full list is:

Paul Johnson
DJ Funk
DJ Sneak
DJ Rush
Wax Master
Jammin Gerald
Brian Wilson
George Clinton
Lil Louis
Ashley Beedle
Neil Landstrumm
Kenny Dope
DJ Hell
Louie Vega
Dr. Dre is in the house, yeah
Armando in the house
Gemini is in the house
Jeff Mills is in the house
DJ Deeon
DJ Milton
DJ Slugo
DJs on the low
Green Velvet
Joey Beltram
Roy Davis
Boo Williams
DJ Tonka
DJ Skull
DJ Pierre
Mike Dearborn in the house, yeah
Todd Edwards in the house
Romanthony in the house
CVO in the house
Luke Slater
Derrick Carter
Robert Hood
Parris Mitchell
Dave Clarke is in the house
Van Helden in the house
Armani in the house
Surgeon is in the house, yeah

Some seriously game and genre defining artists on this list that always seems to sneak past avid Daft Punk fans,

I am happy that DJ Pierre made the list here.

He's an acid house legend that makes pure sex and deserves 1000x more recognition than he gets but am happy that he has been immortalised in this track, in the same way that I am immortalising my opinion of him on this blockchain ;)

Let me know if you know or love anyone else on this list and please comment any tracks or memories you have of these artists too.

Who inspires you as a musician or artist? Let me know in a post or comment and you may end up with a 5 HIVE prize

Biggest of love to the whole community, and I hope you've all been keeping safe.


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