Last Summer was Hot - Raindance Mix / D.I.T.R


I thought today since it is raining in the UK, I thought I would share a "raindance" DJ mix I created.

"Whats a raindance mix?" I hear you ask....

Well last summer it got so hot in the UK it ended up breaking a few records...

Credit: Met Office

Recording 626.2 hours of sunshine, the UK spring of March-May 2020 ranks as the sunniest spring on record, easily surpassing the previous record-holding spring of 1948, which saw 555 hours of sunshine.

Unbearably hot sometimes, resulting in me attempting to use my radio show to summon a rain cloud or too just to get a breather from the heat. Now it didn't actually work, but, another week it did so the jurys still out on whether its an effective scientific process or not...

Regardless if 2 hours of oldschool, nu-school, jacking house and techno is your thing please do let me know!

I also ask any HIVE musicians that make electronic music to comment below any of their own productions, I would love to include them in my shows + upcoming summer sets <3


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