Dust off the Vinyl: Flying Lotus - Los Angeles


So I don't know whether to call this an initiative, or a challenge (watch this space on that one though) but after seeing a bunch of very well written posts about peoples collections lingering around Hive and on this amazing community I've decided to try and make a more regular movement on this!

For this one I wanna see some wax. Or records as its said in some places (U.K. DJ here🥴) .

I will be slowly dripping a record in each week from my collection and as you may or may not know all DJ’s are secretly desperate to know what old dubplate or one off promos they’ve got stacked in their library so regardless of the genre were breaking standard DJ conformity by everyone sharing ;) .

I’ll get it started with this, it just had to be this absolute bad boy.

Flying Lotus - LOS ANGELES

Los Angeles is the second studio album by American electronic music producer Flying Lotus, released on June 10, 2008 by Warp Records.....


Having been an early user of torrenting services when I was younger,

It really opened the doors for me in terms of just being able to access music as someone who grew up poor and could not afford music, but FlyLo's music music changed absolutely all of that for me. I heard something here that actually made me go out, save up and go out and get it on itunes when i was 13 and then as I got into vinyl music more I bought this for £15.99 in a little record shop in brighton. I think theres something beautiful about a piece of music making such an impact on someone that even at a young age like that you begin to understand concepts like how buying a artists work can not only support them to create more, but how by actually buying it you are paying your respects and homage to the artist.

By buying the record you inherently understand all of these things which is why occasionaly when someone buys one of my songs from bandcamp or itunes (a raw digital 99p type download) it seriously warms my soul knowing that your art touched someone enough that they would go out and part with their hard earned money and even want to own a copy of it! This modern world with all technologies creeping destruction does have its moments of beauty, especially when it comes to music. Without it I never would of heard this so early on in my life, let alone it probably be made.

I honestly owe this record alot, it got me through the roughest of places when I was younger, it taught me to always try different things and to not give a shit about what other people think of your creations, to just go out there, be true to yourself and see how the universe responds!



Now this type of music may not be your bag, but it is in essence an experimental hip hop/ electronic / beats pionneering full LP that is full of some of the most interesting (i say "cosmic") sounds that you may ever hear in you life. The way that Steven Ellison can work the experimental and abstract into something that is still so cohesive and structured is, was and still is mindblowing to me. Even the artwork alone is stunning, designed by British graphic design agency Build featuring photography by Timothy Saccenti, and it is named after his place of birth.

Released on Warp Records, I highly advise anyone who hasnt checked out or heard of Warp to go do so, their roster is legendary and have been at the forefront for many years now of experimental groundbreaking music, with Brainfeeder being his own invention releasing an even more eclectic range of works, (while Flying Lotus did found Brainfeeder, he remains signed to Warp Records for his own major physical releases).

One of my favourites on here may be "Melt!" and whilst its less the 2 minutes long, its over a minute of the most head banging tribalistic-concrete-jungle drumming bass I ever heard. You can tell I'm a massive fanboy over here ;)


Now its your turn, go dust off those vinyls you got laying around and share em! tag biglove to be added to the BIG LOVE communtiy for a future project and although I am waiting for my voting mana to recharge since a delegation lease ended (forgot that drop happened) I will be curating what I can on-chain, and off-chain (hmm watch this space on this secret things coming)

I hope you've all been keeping well and hope you have a lovely rest of week,




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