When Michael Jackson meets Freddie Mercury !

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Before continuing, I feel the need to share a brief description regarding this type of content that i share here, in order to clarify in advance any type of mistake

The sound i share here today is a result of a remix between 2 songs for which I do not own the copyright... well i guess, or maybe i do!
I am not sure how this could work, for instance, when someone uses an image in an article for which they do not own the copyright, they simply refer to the source and it seems to me that the matter is solved.
In this case I am using 2 songs extracted from 2 CDs that I bought and keep at home and whose musicians are Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury respectively.

Well, ready to continue

It was never and never will be my idea to face the great musical corporations that try at all costs to monopolize the music industry, stifling immense, squeezing a few more and raising a few until they are no longer profitable.
Making remixes is just an hobby with which I am entertaining putting together 2 different and original ideas and trying to extract something new from there without removing the merit of the original authors.
I insist on mentioning and referring to the original authors.
In this case and in order to make it easier to share and access these sound pieces, I created an account on the soundcloud and can say that I already had some problems with some of the remixes, some of which were removed for violating some patents.
I will rewrite the message received in some remixes:

Hi "me"

It looks like your track "NAME" might contain or be a copy of "NAME" by "NAME", which is owned by Universal Music in certain territories.
As a result, your track has been removed from your profile for the time being.

Ok, that´s fair, i truly understand but .... ok
It´s a pity because some of them are a really damn good remixes lol

This one, as the one i shade previously, passed the test of the copyright patents ;)

Have a nice day