#DiscoTuesday - Dee Gees (Foo Fighters) - Hail Satin


for #DiscoTuesday, another great # tag, by Mr. #Music, @uwelang, I will present some covers. Yes, mostly covers from an album called Hail Satin.

It is coming by a Bee Gees cover band called Dee Gees, maybe they've chosen this name because FuGees was already taken.

Well, the Dee Gees might be one of the most famous tribute bands in the world, as they are actual the Foo Fighters, and they've released this album for the Record Store Day - https://recordstoreday.com/ - which is a day to celebrate independent record store and labels. On this day there are usually some cool releases, and it is worth a following.

They've teased it in concerts, and people have been thinking it was a joke, but here it is, B Dee Gees are staying alive

On the A Side of Hail Satin are 5 covers in total.

On the B Side there are 5 live versions of songs from the Medicine at Midnight album.

I really enjoyed discovering this album, and I'm happy that there are still famous bands that have reached a point in their career where they experiment different styles and have fun with their creativity.

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