Happy new month welcome to the second half of the year.

It's been awhile since I brace in here been busy with work and family and barely have time for social media, even as hubby keeps encouraging me to keep pushing and drop a content at least once in a while but couldn't find the time for it as work stress and managing the family leave me with little or no time. I thought by now I would have made alot of money but I was surprised I only made 0.6 hbd for the 3 content I created since I last visited and some hive engine tokens also.. hopefully this month I will do more as i will be having more chance and break from my work which I might channel here once in a while.

On the aspect of growing accout I would love to have at least 50 hive power before the end of this month to enable me activate my account on hive.votes so when am offline will still be able to support other authors and my friends .

I still sell babies wear and am a sure plug for kids out fit as that's where most of my contents will be alighn with, although I haven't found my niche yet but hopefully this month I will find it and get my groove on.

Till I find out time for more engagement Happy blogging.

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