Another #wednesdaywalk in the Canadian Autumn

It seems that every year, Halloween arrives on the coldest, rainiest, or even snowing day for som tough trick or treating. This year will likely be the same but it sure is nice now!

Golf is the best part of the week, makes for the biggest daily step counts I get, and feels like bonus round summer fun.

I could probably shoot an entire #treetuesday post with each round but I prefer to save them for @tattoodjay’s movement over walkers and photographers.

Golf is not without its hazards as a matter of speaking. I honestly told my anonymous golf partner that he could use a foot wedge without a penalty stroke to get out of the reach of the sprinkler but he enjoyed the silliness of this shot.

I always seem to take the before pic and forget to take the after. I can’t recall how this turned out be recall being pleased about being in the middle of the course.

All in all, I didn’t break 100 this day but coming close while taking all penalty strokes and navigating the autumn aerated greens and rain-filled sand traps.

Can’t wait til next year and so happy with every late game we sneak in.

The downtown patios in front of the restaurants and cafes are starting to get a little lonelier as it is a bit too cool to sit comfortably outside. These business owners are balancing the need to stay in business with that of safety as they welcome diners inside.

We are lucky in that it is a small town outside of the big city hot spots so the risk is relatively low. It is still a risk though and most people are being careful and sporting their masks and staying 6 feet apart.

The unfortunate thing is that there are 4 large COVID hot spots in our province and they are being walked back to phase 2. As it is generally a provincial thing, the businesses in the small towns are worrying that the prohibitive restrictions will be widespread and impact an already restricted environment.

Halloween is a good amount of steps as we scrape the neighbourhood for candy. This year, they are permitting out door trick or treating outside of the big cities. Such a relief for the little ones and hopefully another step back to normal. Plus I get to steal all the coffee crisp!

Here is hoping your Wednesdaywalk was as great as mine was, we get more golf and you have the opportunity to celebrate Halloween.
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