A Wednesday Walk in a Canadian Orchard!

A Wednesday walk in a Canadian Orchard!

Despite my state of denial, there are obvious signs of autumn all around. The kids went back to school today, the mornings are a little cooler, and there are trees with coloured leaves betraying the summer.

A great time to get out and stack up 10k steps with @tattoodjay and the #wednesdaywalk movement.

It has turned into a yearly September event for the family to visit Apple Land Station just down the road. The kids love it, we get out doors as a family, and fruit right from the trees is about as whole food as you can get.

It usually starts with a little walk in the corn maze which is good for some fun and a few hundred steps.

To me, the view is a little something like this but green is good.

They take you out into the orchard on one of two trains and unleash you on the sections that are ripe and ready.

Part of me is disappointed in seeing so many apples fallen on the ground but the the bugs, animals and plants get to feast on the plenty and get minerals in the soil for next year.

This year, we have the bonus of visiting on the same day as the local air show. A nice big fat Hercules from an era gone by is followed by some more modern fighter jets flying in tight formation.

It is back to apples though as we have two 20-pound bags to fill and I will most likely end up carrying them while the kids frolic.

Dads become step ladders and kids become harvesters as we pick and snack for hours.

Then, it is to the climbing tree again this year. I remember climbing so many trees as a kid. Is that still a thing? These kids think so.

As the afternoon ages, we are back to the pumpkin patch to catch the last train back to the station. I am carrying those bags as expected.

Thanks again for the fun, family time, a belly and two big bags full of apples. See you next year.

Thanks for joining me on my walk. I look forward to seeing the rest of the posts today and hope to catch a glimpse of orchards in other regions.

Do apples grow where you are?
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