My Actifit Report Card: September 11 2021

Today have been a strange day for me.

First of all, I woke up and my Fitbit watch wasn't around my wrist anymore. It was in the bed. Without battery. I plugged it for hours to recharge it. And now, even more hours after it's doing this :

(I'm making this post with my actifit step count, that's why it seem different from the watch)

I finished my day going to cinema with a friend to watch Free Guy and I'll make a post about it soon on @ykretz

I'm happy, while last time it was really long to finish a mission on #Splinterlands, this time it only took me like 7 or 8 battles ! And I get a bigger reward than I use to get for quests !

And as I had a long walk (without my watch) this morning, I've been able to claim a win later !

I'm starting a new offer here on hive !


I can do your thumbnails or any other photo or video editing for only HIVE tokens

You can contact me to see what you want here in the comments,

On discord : Ykretz #8677

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