Wiredonkey Trip - May 30 2020


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Firstly I would like to introduce @mrbit2big to everyone.

Who is he?

I would say, to me he is Mr. Blockchain Africa!

This guy is not just into cyber security, blockchain, a programmer but also runs an NGO in Africa called umbrella kids.

I did a video with him a little more than a year ago on the X-Pos by Pundi X. A point of sales device that accepts crypto payments.

I see him lurking around crypto valley at smaller and larger gatherings with VIP's in the crypto space. Well, that is if he isn't jetting around the world like most of the time. We missed each other the past few months because I was in Berlin of tenting in the wild somewhere, immersed in studio sessions or cooking vegan for the elderly. During this plandemic, I noticed that he was here in Switzerland all along and couldn't believe that I haven't met him in such a long time. We usually chat about obviously our fresh and game changing crypto space a lot.

The picture in the car was from over a half year ago, when I wanted to write about this amazing individual. Interested in holistic health, vegan living, meditation and retreats, yoga, sports, dancing and much, much more, me and my buddy here have a lot in common. Both being entrepreneurs, we talk about liberty, freedom, blockchain, eliminating middle men, creating open markets, empowering people and specially our concerns about 2/3 of the world's population and their future in terms of creating opportunity for the unbanked.


Today we decided to go for a bike ride to a Fortress and then a Buddhist Temple and met up with a Peruvian Latino friend of mine who is an excellent Dance teacher. I actually still on board people on appics occasionally, because it's great to get an idea of a similar type of DPOS system that gives people a fair idea of voting power.


I noticed that a fountain I filled up my bottle at, had a Hexagon shape. Guess what that reminded me of?


Riding down a Valley, we went up a steep Hill and kept going tough without a break. Ahead of us on the other side, a view up to almost Germany.


Reaching the Fort there was a beautiful Garden with Herbs and veggies from which I picked some really nice tea. Which I drank alone later and @mrbit2big wasn't to happy that I didn't share it with him.


In Zurich the Code of arms is a Lion and the Fort here is called Kyburg.



I still wonder if these are typical Swiss window shutters, as I see them all over the country.










The floor, relics, worn off paint and the hand painted code of arms, the fonts, the style it was build in, the kyburg castle was partially destroyed in the old Zurich war and previously occupied by the mighty Warriors of Schwyz. Kyburg lost it's privileges during the Augustan period. Kyburg dates back to 1027 AD.



After a short break at the castle we went down hill to the Toess Valley and continued upstream.


Arriving in Rikon, we stood at the foot of Wildberg, prepared to go uphill to the temple.



At the wheels (khor lo), it reminded me of Dharma or Dhamma and the various Sutras that make up a lot of Asian thought. In a round I tried to explain how the Lamas interpret the Mahayana Sutras and how the meaning of what the buddha taught was eventually the same in all forms of Buddhism. To me it was always integral to philosophy. Nothing is momentary. What is called Religion to most in the west, is not the same concept in Asian Philosophy. As everything is Anicca, Dukkha, Anatta.

The moment you think you know, your so called human earthy truth is already changing, so one can't stop learning.








Please note, that I mostly smile under that self made Rane Hoody, so in case you were wondering, i'm still a non violent, vegan, peaceful and loving Shinobi or yanje(black sheep).

Für die Deutsch sprechenden unter uns, hab nach dieser Kampagne 5 Jahre die Welt bereist




We were lucky to have two Lama's with whom I could have conversations with, in partially Hindi, German and hinting to a bit of Sanskrit in order to tell them what we were doing there.


On our way back we slid between two hills through another valley skipping a larger hill and ended up randomly at a lake.


We decided to do a some self timer sessions, since I carried a really heavy camera and my phone battery died before we even started the trip.


I asked @mrbit2big if I could use his iphone to take a picture of the beautiful sunset.




Ironically we actually met some friends on the way and actually came across Donkeys. We both love animals and they literally came running to us and seemed to be smiling and so trusting. As if they could sense that we really liked them.

In German one calls Bicycles "Drahtesel" me and @needapencil started calling our cycling experiences or trips 'Wiredonkey Sessions' and did a similar trip a few years back. This trip to the temple is something I usually did annually.

IMG_5290 2.PNG

I wanted to share a screenshot of the leadership board of Actifit, because @mrbig2big did this whole trip with me. We really had a fun day with the goal to stay fit. We both did an all nighter at @baqabond who has some amazing plans for charity projects in Africa he's currently working on.

Shout out to all Actifitterz!

peace out

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