My Actifit Report Card: December 29 2021

A Day Exploring Hamilton; Getting Sidetracked in Halton; and an Interesting Reflection -

My Daily Adventures;

Wednesday December 29th, 2021

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My Morning -> Afternoon

I awoke today slightly later than usual, around 8am, and made a cup of coffee -as per usual- to watch the finale of Season Four of Amazon Prime's The Expanse.
Finishing off, I completed my crypto-work and finances from the night before and did my regular botany and indoor garden as well as took care of my hydroponics.
With some time to spare, I got some personal house cleaning done, salted and shoveled the driveway of a light snowfall, and prepared to head on my way from 10am-noon to Hamilton!

My Afternoon -> Evening

The bus ride wasn't too bad there and I made good time.

It's amazing,

This was all open space and these were not here 3 months ago!

And continuing on my long travel via city municipal transit instead of regional transit to save half the price for only 30 mins longer - not bad!

And ultimately arriving in Hamilton,

I always loved the architecture of this city,

Although old, some restoration is ongoing;

I'd say its' turning out half decent,

Looking down Hughson;

And traveling down Barton,

I passed Ottawa St then circled back down Cannon.

And eventually reached King William,

And the rest of downtown Hamilton

With the skyline at Jackson Square;

Continuing along, I headed to see an old friend,

Long story short, it didn't go well, and I left Hamilton.

My plans all fell apart so I guess today can still be a #pinmapple day, just not a very good one. Will definitely update when I have a better trip.

And so back I headed,

Down the same road from whence I came.

Not the best time but we'll see what the evening brings...

My Evening -> Night

And so, as late afternoon and early evening approached, I impulsively decided to disembark the bus I was on and explore some areas around the 407 along the Burlington-Milton escarpment border.

I found it rather calming here on the edge of the region in Halton;

And with a long walk ahead of me before I catch the first transfer back to Burlington - eventually back to Oakville, began upon my way forward!

Passing by farmland and priairie landscape,

I caught the bus and went through Burlington to Oakville!

And with a nice view of the city,

I stuck around at another friends' place until dark;

And going on a short walk, I checked out the nearby lights display!

It was huge!

And beautiful!

There were several displays to check out,

And the tree lighting was phenomenal;

It went far!

Oh and the Christmas trees!

The beautiful Christmas trees!

T'was a good walk!

And so! The travel back was calming and my day ended well thankfully.

Cheers to yet another good one all, and to tomorrow's, all fellow ActiFitters - the best of days! 🍻


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