My Actifit Report Card: December 15 2021

A Day for Photography Downtown! -

My Daily Adventures;

** Wednesday December 15th, 2021**

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My Morning -> Afternoon

Waking early today at 4:30am, I began my day as I normally do: hydroponics, gardening and botany first this time though while making a coffee, then my Amazon Prime Video - AMC+' - The Walking Dead: World Beyond series.
Watching several episodes in, I worked my cryptocurrency finances and did some phone work before getting ready for my day and getting some household chores around the home.
When all was said and done, I went for a walk outside around 9am.

After, I decided I was going to have a Toronto day and prepared to head downtown!

Leaving at 10am, I should arrive just after 12 at Union.

Passing the final stops on the transitway journey - Square One Centre, Central Parkway E., Cawthra, Dixie Rd., Tomken, Etobicoke Creek, Tahoe, Spectrum, Orbitor, and eventually Renforth, - the express route hopped on Hwy 427 via Hwy 6 at The East Mall - Sherway and Eglinton Ave., to Eatonville-Kipling-Islington at Dundas,

I continued on the subway from Kipling Station to Spadina Station, and eventually, the streetcar from Spadina to Union Station.

You gotta love Union;

I took the Path Network of underground travel to get to my starting destination;

Through the skyway I went,

Traveling along the above-ground tunnel system laid out for the P.A.T.H;

Full map, see below,

And the route I will initially travel from Union;

From there, I will travel to Salmon Run Park in between the Rogers Centre and the C.N. Tower via the remaining indoor then outdoor trail system, and take a walking tour via utilization of application - #AllTrails, - to explore the Discovery District, historic landmarks and 230 year old history of the City of Toronto!

The route I will follow is seen below:

Amazing enough, those lines are walking paths/trails that all connect and it really is amazing how interconnected this city is; above and below ground!

My Afternoon -> Evening

Arriving above ground and out of the P.A.T.H. just after 1pm, I was near the midtown centre of the city -

And right beside the C.N. Tower!

Gotta love these views,

Decided to play around with some different effects with my camera on these photos;

I think they turned out nicely :)

Passing through Isabella Valency Crawford Park bridge,

Passing through Simcoe Park, seeing these mounted officers,

And making my way past Roy Tomson Hall grounds

At David Pecaut Square,

And continuing onward past Financial District -south- St. Andrew.

So many highrises!

To -west- University -south- Osgoode,

And eventually Osgoode Hall,

Seeing city hall and walking around a little,

Then traveling through Trinity Park and Labrynth -east- Queen,

Onward through the park,

To Old Toronto City Hall!

This place of heritage truly is historical.

But further, onward to Cloud Gardens, which I had to pass and go around due to construction,

But I did pass through the outdoor *Adelaide Concourse,

Leading to this little hidden area;

But onward through to St. James Park and the Sculpture Garden's I go!

Above, the Michael Comstock Pavilion,

Below, Lawrence Hall,

And afront St. James Cathedral!

Ending off passing by Berczy Park and the awesome designed and famous (drumroll please)...

And the Hockey Hall of Fame!

I headed back to Union to finish kdd my route and circle back centre! Finally finishing my trip, I could see my walk was a good one!

And it being now 4pm, I was exhausted and needed a break!

I went to Graffiti Alley!

I loved the walk!

And the artwork was amazing,

And I headed off down the wayward alley!

My Evening -> Night

As the evening approached, and after enjoying the artwork of Graffiti Alley, I prepared to head back from whence I came.

But not before seeing an old friend living in the area!

For our company was enjoyable and time lost track of, it was nearly 6pm.

And, today was a long journey, with still a streetcar, subway, and two busses rides to go - hah!

But I'll survive. I'm in a happy place. A good place.

And grabbing some dinner before my last bus back, I thought about my day and how interesting this city is.

Time to head back.

And back I went! And when I arrived home, I got all warmed up and ready to lay down and relax with some YouTube for the evening before bed.

Today was definitely another one of those adventurous days.

I love 'em, and I'm gonna keep doing 'em!

Cheers to yet another good one all, and to tomorrow's, all fellow ActiFitters - the best of days! 🍻


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