My Actifit Report Card: September 23 2021

The Storm, a Break, and a Long RBG Adventure!

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Thursday September 23rdd, 2021

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I awoke to the sounds of pounding rain around 6am and was happy to look at the radar and see that the storm was leaving a few hours of sunshine/partial cloudiness today. Happy at this discovery, I messed around with the radar settings a bit, grabbed some stats, and threw together some datum to edit on an app I highly recommend anyone who edits pictures or other on their phone, called "Photo Editor" on the Play Store. Makes work much easier.
I examined:
- First, the direction, rotation, vorticity, and force of the storm along with precipitation forecast in the bottom half of this below edit;
- Second, the rainfall accumulations at my location comparable to those surrounding - we got lucky; I predicted 60mm yesterday after examination (so that kinda gave me an "ou, so maybe I do know a little about meteorology and radar utilization" feeling, hah) - are displayed centre:
Us being surrounded by five of the largest freshwater lakes in the world, flooding is a common occurence here -, and lastly;
- Third, I examined the remaining rainfall (10-15mm as also examined yesterday that is yet to fall and push our watersheds further come Thursday night through Friday morning) that is left to excessively end this stormy 60hours of rainfall.

- This rain is overwhelming most major rivers, watersheds, and even flat land in low lying areas, as evident below.

- Petrolia received 2.5× the rain that the Southern Credit Watershed leading to Lake Ontario got, compared to the Grand River draining into Lake Eerie. Imagine that, even with these massive changes in water level vs. discharge here. And this is the Boston Mills - Normal Credit River...what was the Grand River like! -

That increase represents an almost quadrupled velocity discharge, stated by the Weather Network and in my photo yesterday that many rivers were expected to rise 8-12ft. Well they weren't kidding!
But, anyway, on with my morning!

With some compulsive statistic workings before getting anything else done, it was nearly 8:30am by the time I finished all this! Woah! I hopped out of bed, got dressed, ready, and completed my morning routine, then took a look outside and was pleased to see sunshine and some clouds amidst a gloomy past week!

Finishing up around the house, I decided to myself that I wanted to take a dose and go on an adventure today. I planned out the best time to check out the remainder of south Cootes Paradise, specifically Sassfrass and Princess Point. I planned the best time to take my dose, a 3g Amazonian single mushroom - about half-an-hour before I would arrive at my destination - and prepared my doings for the morning around this schedule.

  • I planned to leave for 12:15 and arrive at 2:45pm, a 2.5hr trip, one of many which I always say that if time spent at my destination is longer than that of the traveling to and from, then it is worth it. With that logic, I plan to head back around 8 to get back for around 10:15/10:30. It shall be a good day!

I made my morning cup of Joe and worked on a blog posting coming up for HypnoChain - I really like this one! - that I plan on putting up.

With the TV on in the background and catching up on my Red Bull Cliffdiving Championship, I enjoyed a splendid breakfast quiche, finished my coffee and finished some chores around the house.

I took care of my botany and hydroponics, as per usual, and went for a short walk while I charged up all my devices.

Getting back, it was nearly noon and I prepared to finally head out and start my day. For I have no idea where it will take me, and I have no idea where it will end...

And so, let it be that I found my way to my starting point and began my hike around at the perfect time with the perfect dose!

I started south, by York Blvd after the Plains Rd W connector near the intersection of Hwy 403 @ Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway anf after the Hwy 6 cutoff underneath the York Bridge.

This was known as the Desjardins Canal and Bay. Following the Desjardins Trail,

I got to the area known as Princess Point.

It was beautiful, I remember biking these trails - even though you're not supposed to - daily, haha, years ago!

I was loving every second of what Cootes Paradise had to offer!

With the trail leading on along I reached the Point!

This is some beautiful Oak Savannah (I know, weird, but yes we do have these here in Ontario).

Loving these Oak Trees...

And some amazing views of the bay and Hickory Island, it was truly astonishing.

I continued along and along.

Eventually reaching this crossing; I followed the beautiful boardwalk,

Around the bend and back, I found this odd mushroom,

Polyporous in nature I'll have to check more into it when home!

Continuing along. I entered the Ginger Valley Trail that leads to Sassfrass and snagged a shot;

Following along, I crossed,

Along cliffs and steep sides,

I came across this..."uhh sir you're leaking", haha!

I then found these three Chicken of the Woods!

Now that's a big find!

I headed down these stairs and started my way down Sassfrass Trail,

Heading eventually to Sassfrass Point!


It was hard to describe what I felt here. Peace? I love it.

And enjoying the end of this walk, I admired the hill, excited to reach the top of the point...

And so I did. And I took in every second of it. I was here for a good 20 minutes and then finally headed back along my merry way.

A still very green forest, even in late September this year!

Gives me more time for...drumroll please...adventures!

I pressed onward! For now I had begun the steep climb up that is Ravine Road Trail!

It honestly looked like that the whole walk up, hah! At about 3/4 around the trail, to where there was even ground and closer to the McMaster University trails and grounds, I snagged this shot;

I thought it very unique how after this whole hike, all my walking; all the cloudiness above and not a spot of light in sight; the sun came out of nowhere and shone on this tree, catching my eye right before exiting the trail.

I just found this pure beauty amazing, and a wonderful way to end off my adventure along this trail.

I had an amazing adventure. Excuse my "sketching" if you can even call it that of my route. I've definitely walked a lot!

Heading downtown, I passed McMaster University,

And I hit Westdale along King,

Snagged a couple shots, but the evening rain had begun and seriously jiggled up my darn front lens.

And so, headed on my way, to my next destination! - a personal one -

After doing so,

I continued,

Across the Aberdeen bridge and railway tracks. Beside this abandoned factory;

Maintaining its eerieness under those menacing skies...

But up Dundurn Strip I go! For homebound I was, and tired - I was getting...

For after finally arriving back home, (and happy I was for it let me say!) I happily got ready for bed. For today was a good day, and I'm thankful - because in these times, we need more of them!

For now, cheers to another good day and to tomorrows fellow ActiFitters!🍻

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