My Actifit Report Card: September 3 2021

The Royal Botanical Gardens -

An Environmental Adventure Day at the RBG Centre, Laking Gardens, and Hendrie Valley! P.1 of RBG Adventures

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Today began early, waking at 3 and finishing my crypto finances and television shows early, I went for a 5am walk then came back and took care of the lawn and yard. I finished my morning ritual and routine and got ready for my day. Who knows what it will bring!

I decided today to be a Royal Botanical Gardens day and so off I went for wonderful afternoon!

Upon arriving, I checked out the entirety of the welcome centre,

There was lots to see entering,

And I picked up a few trinkets from the gift store! A Canada pin and a RBG pin for my sidebag, and a holder for the back of my phone. Convenient!

Entering the next area, I encountered the entrance to the main atrium. The whole greenhouse was beautiful in bloom,

And the air,

Fresh, crisp and smelling beautiful!

I loved it here!

Floor to floor I checked out plants and exotics,

Ranging from Mediterranean climate to subtropical climate,

I was absolutely loving it,

And again,

Everything smelled amazing,

And checking out the second floor,

I snapped some beautiful shots,

And enjoyed viewing the plants, trees and flowers that were all up here,

Heading out of the welcome centre,

I headed through the tunnel,

to Hendrie Valley!

I proceeded to check out the green thumb garden,

The veggie garden,

With multiple munchies,

And pumpkins,


This cool relaxing area,

The main gardens,

Leading to some other flowers and plants,

With the main walkway straight down,

And facing behind,

The garden was a place of beauty!

The whole adventure on this side was beautiful,

And this side, local-escarpment like,

After, I headed up to the Laking Gardens.

It was a little bit of a walk across a concrete crossing,

And provided a wonderful view of the Valley Inn and Grindstone Marshes with the York Boulevard bridge connector between Burlington-Hamilton in the background,

Entering the gardens,

Heading down,

The walk was beautiful,

And there were many smaller gardens surrounding.

A beautiful bunch of gardens on an even more beautiful day!

I was loving every second of it! The smaller plantings would look lovely in the spring!

These hedges at the end. Or shrubs. Whatever you call em'. They signified the end of my trip but they were awesome to look at and end off with.

Having already checked out in the past, and not feeling too discouraged about not being able to get a chance today because of timing, I had to skip the hiking around Hendrie Valley as well as Cootes Paradise, Princess Point, Rock Chapel and the Berry Tract due to timing.

I didn't get to see the Rock Gardens or Arboretum sadly, but I remember these a bit from when I was younger. The Rock Gardens has a beautiful courtyard with waterfalls and water displays, while the Arboretum is set out circular in a velidrome-style mezzanine layout with conifers and other native shrubs and trees local to this part of the country.

Upon arrival home I fixed up my bike with my new tires and tubes, and pumped them up to a nice tight 22psi.

I went out for the first time in a few days,

It felt amazing. I needed this.

Found a furry friend having a rest along my route,

Heading home I enjoyed the final hours of the day, and put my phone away starting the ride home.

Okay, I fibbed; one last one.

Upon getting home, I heated up some dinner and sat down to some Swearnet, my TPB subscription. Enjoying it, I caught up and ended off with some crypto news reviewing and just going over my blogs and my day in general.

Having really enjoyed today, I'm happy I planned this trip. I thoroughly encourage getting out and seeing attractions near you where social distancing is possible. I look forward to the days to come and I sincerely hope I'm motivating others to do the same.


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