My Actifit Report Card: July 31 2021

I awoke to a beautiful day and sat out back with my breakfast after finishing my morning routine. I did my hydroponics, took care of my plants and botany, and worked on my blogging.

After all was said and done, I was intending on only going out for a short morning walk,

...around the lake,
I played a little with my close-range blur!

But continuing around,

and around I went!

Ultimately, I ended up following the branches of trails elsewhere...

And came across these lovely doves basking in the heat!

Eventually, I found myself on another trail system, able to enjoy some of the beautiful nature around me,

This led to another lake, with a connecting trail to follow :)

The concluding walk back was thoroughly enjoyable; forests and short-grass prairie scenery; valleys and rivers; bridges and creeks;

With one more bridge to go, I was homeward bound!

Funny thing is, these are different bridges almost an hour away from each other - identical!

The end of my walk provided a beautiful view of the mid-sun - I sat and enjoyed such for a little time,

I also kinda wanted to try merging two photos taken from a 180┬░shot into one, via utilization of panoramic ideas, and shot as if I tried to make a panorama without including that of which I was standing on -in the shot-. The result, below!

Upon arriving home, I made lunch and prepared to post my biweekly Ecency blog. We shall see the feedback I get!

It was close to mid afternoon by now time, so I began to decide on the remainder of my day. Having done a lot this morning, I looked back at my walk and realized sonething:

I really am grateful for the nature around me. I live in such a geographically diverse and changing environment that it is honestly awe inspiring.

I went for one last evening hike before the sunset and found these cool mushies,

I walked for a little, taking some photos along the way. Feel like today was a photography day, haha!

See below, some purple strife!

And a beautiful walk back to end it all off!

Eventually, and for the last time, home andbrelaxing to my TV series and time to myself; I got ready for what we'll now call my 'evening routine'.

I finished off the night feeling great about the day. I really do ponder the future, and I wonder what tomorrow will bring :)
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