My Actifit Report Card plus Larry : May 25 2023


Hello and welcome. In this post, I share my Actifit report card, a few pictures from Thursday, and a brief hunt for Larry the Postman. It was a hot but beautifully clear and sunny day on Thursday. A good amount of my activity came from walking around and doing some ration shopping at this megastore.

I do most of our food shopping at local markets, but for buying some household items in bulk and import items like Skippy peanut butter, this spot has some good deals. Its a huge space, and air conditioned, so not a bad place to get some steps in on a hot day.

Actifit Report # 193 - Stats for May 25, 2023.
ActionAchievedGoal per DayCurrent StreakLongest Streak
Proof of Activity117 70
Daily Steps6,62210,000014
Exercise Minutes143007

The Alive Chat topic for Thursday is to participate in the Larry is Alive contest.. I try to visit Listnerds once per week and use this as a good opportunity. I actually forgot to do in yesterday (Thursday), you'll notice the date on the pic below is Friday, but the contest is still open so I might as well enter!

Screenshot 2023-05-26 at 10.56.04 AM.png

On Listnerds I completed the task of reading 10 emails, proof above. You can see my approach is to click on the 10 links, they open in separate tabs, quickly complete the daily task, then go back and read any quality posts I was linked to.


I leave you with this picture of crocodile meat I saw in the Frozen food section at the megastore. I don't eat meat very often and wasn't interested in trying it out. But I haven't seen crocodile meat before and thought it was an interesting find.

Through appreciating where I am through pictures, posting, and working towards my goals, I am #aliveandthriving. Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow.


Photos by me, thoth442.

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