My Actifit Report Card: November 22 2022


Welcome to my 134th Actifit Report. Today, I share a few pictures from Tuesday along with some highlighted Hive activities.

We're having some beautiful weather these days with blue skies and sunny but not too hot.

On Tuesday I hit 10,417 steps by the end of the day, surpassing my 10k step-per-day goal for the 11th day in a row. 11 consecutive days is my current record and the goal I've set is a 14-day streak. I took a nice walk at night to get my steps in. The consistency in posting and activity is paying off as my AFIT rewards per post continue to increase on average week after week.

The Alive Chat topic for Tuesday is the ALIVE Burning Contest. I use the #ALIVE tag on these daily posts and burn 3-6 ALIVE tokens to promote each post on the Alive Tribe interface Burning Alive tokens grants potential upvotes and each token burned is a ticket for the weekly Burning Contest. The winners get staked ALIVEM which I am happy to accumulate. This week I had 31 tickets for the contest, congratulations to the winners!


I'm enjoying some awesome Hive activities around the world cup, especially the HiveBuzz World Cup Contest

Screenshot 2022-11-23 at 6.33.17 PM.png
At the time of writing, I guessed the outcome of two games correctly and having a great time following and voting on the matches.

Thank you for reading . I'm happy to report I am #AliveAndThriving. I hope your day is full of positive experiences, and look forward to reporting on tomorrow's adventures in being alive!

Peace, thoth442


Photos by me, thoth442.

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