My Actifit Report Card: November 18 2022


In this post, I share my Actifit Report Card, a few highlighted Hive activities, and some pictures from Friday.

For the seventh day in a row, I surpassed my goal of 10,000 steps, reaching 10,192 steps by the end of the day. I am halfway to my goal to continue this streak for at least 14 days. This goal motivated me to take the opportunity to walk around as much as I could today, along with a walk in the evening.


The Alive Chat topic for Friday is Share Your Friday - What Are You Up To Today?. As part of my participation, I'm sharing a few Hive activities I took part in on Friday.

I read a few interesting posts about Hive Engine comment tipping tokens. Took stock of my current tokens, and learned about some new tokens and tipping abilities I already had but didn't know about.

I registered for the HiveBuzz World Cup Contest - Collect badges and win prizes - More than 5500 HIVE to win. And also signed up for the Hive World Cup Fantasy League and spent some time putting together my team for match day 1. I'm excited about the World Cup, and it's awesome to share this enjoyment through Hive community activities.


And that's some highlights from Friday. Through working towards and reporting on my daily hive activity and goals, I am #AliveAndThriving. I hope your day is full of positive experiences, and look forward to reporting on tomorrow's adventures in being alive!

Peace, thoth442


I took these photos with an iPhone SE (second generation)

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