My Actifit - Hustler Report Card: July 28 2021

What’s happening everyone! It’s your boy again with another daily dab! Started the day at the gym hitting the cycle for like 30 minutes then working on some stretching. Trying to work out something that is going on in my shoulder so I am going to have to go light on the weights tomorrow. I think it’s something with the way I am sleeping.

One of the downsides of vanlife when you are a semi large guy, is the short bed space. The way I have to sleep is kinda weird and I sleep on my right side, which is my dominant side so all of my weight is pressing on my shoulder at night. I have been dealing with it for a while but it has been getting really bad lately. Sending the shooting feelings of numbness down my arm and into my hand. It’s weird. So I spent a part of the day trying to figure out a new situation for the van. Thinking of putting the bed back into the bench seat and taking the seat I use to sit and work and such out and getting a straight up lazy boy and putting it in the van. Let the dog sleep on the bench seat or the “couch” and I can sleep in the recliner.

What I need to do is take everything out of the back and put the seat up and measure everything. I think it will work though. It may be time for a change, like I talk about in my latest Dudely Wisdom post:


Anyway, was able to take the dog out to our new river spot and did some chilling and active meditation. That’s where the above pic was taken. I love the freedom to be able to go out in nature on a daily basis! Van life is the free life!

Tomorrow I plan on trying to do some finishing up on the site and get the new payout amounts for COM staking figured out and set up. Then I will start working on a much needed LIST staking club update as well as a post about some of the changes that have been made.

Anyway, that’s it for me, did a long dinner shif for GrubHub because lunches have been sucking lately, plus it is hot has hell outside, lol.

Anyway, onto the grind tomorrow!

Be cool, be real, and abide!

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