Never Too Busy to Share Hive: My Actifit Report Card

sharing Hive to a talented artist I just met yesterday

These days have been extra busy for me. Juggling work, school, Hive, social and family life have been challenging. I'm just so grateful that all these opportunities have been made available to me. I'm even more grateful to the support that has come my way.

In one of my hustles, I met creative artist RJ. He is a friend of a friend and after we got to work on a hustle of mine, we began talking about Hive. RJ was super game! So I happily shared Hive to him.

@glecerioberto, @ybanezkim26 and @brokemancode orienting newbie Hivers

I invited RJ to an orientation that a fellow newbie Hiver @intoybugoy organized. He had two interested newbies who wanted to learn more about the platform. It was a productive night.

In the coming days, I will be sharing to you what happened in the meetup. For now, let me indulge you with teaser photos to make you look forward to our posts 😉.

of course @indayclara and @ybanezkim26 had to be there!

We were so grateful for the presence of Hive veterans during the orientation. It made explaining the complexity of Hive simple. We were able to cover from the basics to the most-awaited part - the withdrawal. While sipping our cup and glass of hot and cold coffees, respectively, you can see that our newbies had a hard time catching up with the technicalities. However, we reassured them that we will be taking them by the hand to ensure successful onboarding.

met new people and had a great time

To my surprise, my Fitbit notified me that I reached 10,000 steps for the day. From our morning date to hearing mass to doing my homework in accounting to attending a Zoom meeting to doing beauty shopping to meeting up with Hive mates - it has been a productive day. I will now rest and prepare for my Hive curation duties tomorrow.

Thank you for reading all the way through! Keep moving!
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