My Actifit Report Card and Update: September 11 2021

Hi Everyone,

It's been awhile since I've posted. I've been busy moving house. There was a lot to do at both ends. Final days at the old house was very busy. Some things can only be packed at the end such as clothes and most of the kitchen. There is also the paperwork side such as redirecting mail and contacting providers of the new address.

I've been at the new house about 10 days now. I've been busy painting rooms, moving things around, installing the new washing machine and oven, finding boxes and unpacking what I can. I still have a room to paint, I moved furniture and packed boxes to the middle of the room.

For my Actifit counts yesterday, I went down to the hardware store to buy grout to put up loose tiles, a new plug, and a stopper thing for the plumbing to a dishwasher that belonged to the previous owner. The tile fixing went well but the other things were problematic. The plug was too big and the stopper for the plumbing was too small. I improvised with an older plug by taping the edges so it is a bit thicker. The old plug fits ok now but it's a temporary fix until I get a plug thar fits. I solved the plumbing problem by rearranging the plumbing under the sink. I moved the dishwasher pipe higher up so that the water would not flow back up and out. It appears to have worked as the leaking has stopped. I guess that all worked out well.

After my handy work in kitchen, I put together some storage/shelving cubes. I normally strongly dislike assembling anything that comes as a flatpack. These cubes were actually quite fun to assemble. Lots of clicking pieces in place rather than using the tedious allen keys. After that, I began filling the cubes. I went on until around 6pm and then packed it in for the day. My legs felt like jelly from the heavy lifting of washing machines and ovens from earlier and the consistent bending down to click box pieces together and unpack boxes. I decided to take things a little easier on Sunday and I'll get back to painting next week.

A few thoughts

Another reason I have not been on Hive is because I have been without an internet connection for just over a week. It only got transferred over on Thursday. It has been a very good period for the price of Hive. When my internet went off it was only around 55 cents. A few days later, it hit $1. Now my internet connection is back, it is in the 70 to 80 cent range, which is still good. The positive price movement is very much overdue. Development has been great since inception and the number of new users has been climbing rapidly thanks to Splinterlands. I think the bull run has a bit more to go. I expect, we will see new all time highs for Bitcoin and the top altcoins which will propel Hive to new highs as well. I still believe $2 is achievable in the coming months.

That wraps up this Actifit Report and Update. I should have another up in about a week. I may have another post as well if I can find the time to finish it in the next week. However, I will still be busy around the house so it may be another week away.

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