DANGER HIGH VOLTAGE! 😳.............. Actifit Report Card: February 4 2023

Danger, high voltage!😳
Power lines were down, and a large tree blocked North Pass!😮
By morning the storm was over…….
Silvertop went to check and see if our grid power had been restored……………..
The new generator and the transfer switch worked well last night!
Hot showers are oh so very nice!😊
“Silvertop do you want to hike early, then run to town and refill the Propane tank?”🥰
Sounds like a plan honey!😊
Road trip to town…………
We refilled the propane tank.
The generator ran five hours, and only used 3.2 gallons of propane at $2.75 cents a gallon!
Well worth it!
If we had run this duel fuel generator on gasoline, it would have cost over $22 !😮
Liz was checking out the valentines flower display at our local Safeway grocery store…..
Look closely she’s hiding behind the flowers Lol!🥰
I started thinking that I needed a second propane tank for longer power outages.
So we stopped by the Tractor Supply store and purchased another large propane tank!😊
“ Liz how many BTC can I stack in this safe Lol?”😇
Lots Silvertop Lol……..can you carry all of our Bitcoin Lol? 🤣
The Mrs was not impressed, she was relaxing, rocking away in a rustic porch rocking chair on display.🥰
“I think we both needed this trip to town today Liz!”
Maybe I’ll grab a Latte and join you with a second rocking chair honey”🥰
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊
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