My Actifit Report Card: September 26 2021

Smile, the Sun is shining…………….
Where Phoenix is at!!!😎
Not so much where Silvertop is Lol!😅
I always look forward to weekends, Liz is off work, and we usually get in a very nice Mountain hike!🥰
Looks like Phoenix is doing the hiking today with our Son and his Wife!☺️
Mom and Dad were very worried today!
Our son was out of cell phone range, for a weekend off-road camping adventure with his Wife, and Phoenix.
On the way in, using satellite two way communication, ( with GPS location coordinates), he let us know they made it to “camp”, but got seriously stuck several times, and almost had to use the 4/4’s wench to get unstuck!😳
He sent a video later from a very crumbly unstable summit, with our son climbing to the top, and his Wife and Phoenix far, far below!
Mom texted that he needed to go back down NOW!😲
He said “wish us luck Sunday getting out, we will need it!”
“He’s a grown Man Liz……..he must get this adventure streak from YOUR side of the family Lol!😇
Nothing else we could do……
“Liz, do you need to go shopping?”
What do they say …..”work with nature, not against it!”
So we left our backpacks, and @actifit-lamb at home and went shopping.
By the time we finished at the first store the rain was intensifying!😅
That’s when we got the text…………………
“We made it back, we are home”!
Liz let’s call this a day, shopping has been an adventure!😲
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊
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