My Actifit Report Card: September 25 2021

Hmm…… who’s post is this anyway Lol!🤣
“It’s 4:00 PM Silvertop are we hiking?”
Silvertop had a honeydew list today, and then I read that Twitter is rolling out Bitcoin payments via the Lightning network!
So we hiked a bit later today!😇
This is exciting my friends, I watched a video of someone sending $10.00 to someone in El Salvador.
They are claiming fast/free transactions…….
Liz and I just downloaded the Strike app that will be connected to our Twitter accounts that will allow “tipping” as they call it! The ability to send to anyone else that has this feature enabled on their Twitter account!😊
I will let everyone know how this works!
Twitter will probably be on Silvertop’s stock picks!😇
At the moment it appears to be a gradual roll out of this function on Twitter, and it will trickle down to everyone with an IOS. Android will then come next!
I wasn’t sure we would get to accomplish the full hike, but Liz was leading and she was hiking fast!🥵
@actifit-lamb wanted to go, she has been cooped up at home Crypto trading, and she needed OUT!☺️
I am sure Lamb is tired, over eight miles on those tiny hooves! That’s a good @actifit workout!😅
See Lamb, life isn’t all about Crypto!😇
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊
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