My Actifit Report Card: September 22 2021

Let’s get real Silvertop!☺️
Is it the Coconut milk…….or the Milkadamia milk………..or the two shots of Expresso!😊
Yesterday Silvertop ran out of Milk for his Lattes!😳
Liz said “I will bring some Milk home this evening, I made you a Milkadamia milk Latte!🥰
We can do this Silvertop……..Liz drinks this stuff everyday.
Guys I really understand……..the Mrs is lactose intolerant……..But🥵
Silvertop had a REAL Latte today before my hike!
Ohh so nice my friends!🤗
“Liz how do you drink this stuff Lol!”🤣
I feel energized already, maybe I need another Latte to go!😇
It doesn’t take Silvertop’s Latte to get real with @actifit, just start walking!
That’s it, you are on your way to better health!
Do it for yourself…….and the ones you Love!🥰
“Liz are you sure you bought two gallons of Milk, I don’t want to run out again! Lol🤣
Stay healthy my friends, till tomorrow Silvertop Mike😊
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