My Actifit Report Card: September 15 2021

Look what Silvertop just got, fresh from Lynne’s garden!😊
Liz is the cook in the family………
There were three in the wooden box “Free”!
I am sure the Mrs will want one, I will just put this in my backpack with my hooded sweatshirt!😇
“ Silvertop do you know what you just did Lol!”🤣
Now Silvertop doesn’t shop the vegetable section of the grocery…….
When I picked it up quickly and put it in my backpack padded by my hooded sweatshirt, at first glance I thought it was a beet Lol!
Doesn’t this look like a Beet Liz?🤣
I think I need to run that sweatshirt through the laundry!😆
The Sun is back, Liz wants an evening hike, she just got home.
She said she wants to get another one of Lynne’s Beets”!😄
Liz……you get to put this one in YOUR back pack!
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊
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