My Actifit Report Card: August 1 2021

On yesterday’s hike you could see the smoke rolling in,I believe these are Canadian wildfires!😮
We started today’s hike at 2:30 PM, and you could almost taste the smoke!
Suddenly in one day our blue skies were gone!
I was hoping that even with the extremely dry weather, that somehow we would miss the wildfire season!
We passed Mike in the driveway by the Yurt, he said he was looking for rain today.
They said 70% chance of rain… was a bust, not a drop of rain!😧
He said “Do you want a tour of the inside of the Yurt?”
I was hiking with Liz, and Jan, and we told him absolutely!😊
It looks like the Yurt is coming together very nicely!
They are installing a pellet stove for heat, it should make it toasty inside.
Much of the wood used in this yurt , is Douglas Fir, including the front door!😊
Very Nice!!!
Next door the tiny house has arrived!🤗
This one looks interesting, David built it himself!
We always try to get Jan back home on Sunday’s by 5:30, her and Jim her husband talk to “The kids” on the phone each week.🥰
After stopping at the Yurt for a tour, Silvertop had to expedite the downhill hike quickly we were approaching 5:30 PM!😳
We made it Jan…….I got you back home at 5:15!😅
Now tell your Son Jamie about ARRR Crypto!😇
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊
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