My Actifit Report Card: December 2 2020

Silvertop are you going down the wrong track, it looks like you are on a dead end !!!!😲
No my friends, today Silvertop hit the highway today, my weekly trip to town!😊
I thought I would share photos of the countryside with you!
The fourth photo is one of many berry fields that are up here in the valleys. This is what they looks like in the Winter after they tie back the branches!πŸ™‚
Sunshine again???😎
I could get used to this, after my road trip, I started up my favorite hiking trail!
Just a short hike, when the Mrs gets home we will do some night hiking...☺️
In the last photo, you can see where Keith and Lynne had one of the wooden benches, and the comment box........
It looks like they removed both for the Winter.
The photo is a bit deceiving, it looks like I took this photo in the fall.πŸ€”
Actually what you are looking at is the sun on the trees, the leaves are completely gone!
This time of year I start a fire in the wood stove just before the Mrs gets home. When the Sun sets, the temperature starts dropping.....πŸ₯Ά
That’s where I will leave you....πŸ€—
Till tomorrow Silvertop Mike 😊
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