My Actifit Report Card: March 22 2023

When I get up in the morning yesterday I my mum and my siblings weed in the morning Grace.

Later, we prepared to go to the farm to plant some remaining seeds and also to input that service teams into the farm clearing up the remaining parts where weeds took over.

Last night, that's our Monday evening, my friend wanted to repair his phone which could charge a whole day with just 2%. So I told him it's best to change the down board so that it would take a long time before he will experience such again instead if only replacing the charging port.

We are great meet in the morning before he left for school. So while I was in the farm he called and I left what I was doing to meet him. When I got there I was sure he told me to get on the bus let's go because what time plan was for him to give me the phone and when I was done with my mum I'll go repair it.

So he cover the transport. This made me kind of happy 😄. Everything was good and fine it's fun charge from 0% to 5% within the normal range of time.

I thanked each other and I was on my way back home. I use the shortcut to get to the farm and when I got there I saw no one. They were done planting and went home, but the weeds was still there 🌚

When I got home I told my sister about this new movie on Netflix that's been trending lately.

Guess it! Wednesday

OM... I just remembered I watch Wednesday on a Tuesday 😁😄

It's truly one of a movie.

We watched the complete Season One
S1E1 - S1E8 and this is a 45mins each Episode.

This movie took all Day. We didn't dare to miss a second.

It's already evening 😊

I made this design later that evening before going to the bed

Design made using pixellab premium app

This is a citation design I made as an assignment for the class
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