Breathing heavily, I write this to you. It is another episode of a catalogue of my morning runs. I don't write this for gratification or to encourage people or just to store information but to encourage myself to continue this path towards healthy living.


I haven't written for the past 3 days and I jogged for 2 days out of the 3. Yesterday I have myself excuses which made me feel really bad. I didn't write the first 2 days despite jogging because I felt talking about my runs on a daily basis would be tiring for people to read...it is my run so why should people really care about it, right? And so I didn't write on Tuesday and then on Wednesday and then just as I didn't write on both days because of that excuse, I found an excuse not to run on Thursday. I can't even remember what the excuse was but in hindsight, it was truly a pathetic one.

How could me not writing be connected to me not exercising? If had made it mandatory to write everyday including both days, I feel would not have let the procrastinator within get the better of me.
“It is just one day, does it really matter?” That’s how avalanches begin...from one small rolling snowball into a catastrophic life threatening event.

Well I’ll try to write more about my runs.

I ran this morning and it was quite exhausting. I honestly don't love running, but I have to do it...it is extremely necessary. I was particularly tired today and I can't say why. Maybe it's because I had a small meal yesterday or because I skipped Thursday’s run and my body was returning to that of a slouch.



At times I felt like quitting the run, with a voice within telling me to stop and continue tomorrow. “You have done admirably, you will do fast better tomorrow just stop before you slump and double up tomorrow”. I wonder if @steevc or @liftslikealady have felt like this. They both make it seem so easy.

Oh well, I didn't listen to the voice and did the full run. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

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