Another Productive Tuesday - My Actifit Report Card: February 23 2021

Hi Actifitters!

Today was another loooong day, with a lot of work and interactions with other people... Yes, it was more than 12 hours of work, but it was interesting, dynamic and a lot of things got accomplished! So, I'm happy how this Tuesday passed...

The last week or two, we have strange weather... In the morning is foggy, after that we have 2-3 hours of sun, and then it disappears behind the fog or better said the aerated water... It's not cold, but it's not that great as it is usual... The sun makes a big difference... at least for me... So, in the morning I stayed at home, doing my regular stuff and coordinating some future projects... I'm currently working on one website and I have ordered the logo for it as I have anti-designer skills... lol... It is already finished and the next step is the structure of the website...

It's nice to do some new things, but we have to be cautious to finish our regular daily tasks, as they are our "bread and wine"... So, in the afternoon I was doing my curation and engagement on the Hive, replying on the comments, and checking some posts from the authors that I follow... Also, through the comment section, I have found some new interesting authors to follow! After that, I went for my daily walk... As I was on the phone most of the time outside, I didn't make too many photos today... Sorry about that...

The evening is reserved for the main content creation, and I have done that on time today... That gave me some free time to finish some tasks planned for tomorrow... I have even begun to write this report before midnight which didn't happen for a long, long time... :)

See you in the next report!

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