Proffesional Squatting - Occupying a Squat BCN March 2 2020

Battery is low, and my powerbank is outside in the rucksack, im sleeping outside in a sauna that ive covered with my tarp and be damed if I will get out again to get it, just layed down..

As usual I didnt get invited in, but they told me theres a dome to use in the garden, but its pritty much just a frame. I saw this sauna and decided to use it 🤣

There is an abandoned hospital just up the lane and when i said I will go sleep there someone said that one person occupys it and they are hostile so better not. I will go sit tomorrow in the city and ask people where another squat is. I got dropped of near to it and it happens to be right near to where I lost my van a decade or more back when I parked up and couldnt find it again.. tiny world.

Ill post tomorrow, good night!

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