Sunday Date Location Found 💪🏻

Took that friday to find a good location for my date on Sunday and first I thought TOGA would be a really nice one but then I realized it had no warm kitchen on Sunday, only bar, so I proceeded with my search. Saw @vikisecrets from behind on the bike and shouted: "Viki Viki" near Schwedenplatz 😆

The second location I would have enjoyed and haven't been yet would have been TUYA if they had open on Sundays 🤣

So, after some shopping intermezzo...

...a friend on instagram posted about the ZAZATAM which I will check out another day (but their opening hours are quite how to say it supranormal? 🤣):

Cause I had reserved already in STADTCAFE with food and warm kitchen on Sunday (till 9 p.m.). Have you been in one of these location yet and can give some recommendations I think the TOGA is quite new as far as I remember there was a village or some kind of purple pink flame restaurant before, if I'm not mistaken

btw I found out I'm a bad secretary 🤣🤦‍♂️

Obviously Alex is a bad secretary 🤦‍♂️
Alex: I'd like to reserve for two on Sunday evening ... p.m.
Waiter: What's the name?
Alex: My surname?
Waiter: No
Alex: OK, only Alex then
Waiter: "OnlyAlex" noted, see you on Sunday
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