Sunset Walk...

It would be a shame to stop writing actifit posts, once I broke the ice. Yesterday I showed some short glimpses from the walks with two such beautiful and kind dogs, and of course their humans, but now we are returning to normal and to ordinary uninteresting walks.

Although, every walk is a walk, and comes in handy for clearing the mind. Also for the back, then it means fewer hours in front of the piano or the screen. Yes, piano, as there will be a concert on Friday where I will play with a choir. Finally a concert some activities are happening and it is great actually.

The screen thingy is not something great, but I had to make up for the weekend, and Monday as I was not in my best shape yesterday. I should not count how many hours I spent on hive today, lol.

So, that not so interesting walk will come here. That is a normal path we usually do after I finish the work in some tranquil streets where a lot of flowers can be seen.

A fig tree offered some fruits to me, I tried one fruit but it needs a few days more to ripe well. At least I know now where it is, so probably I will visit that place again these days.

And as the @bdog and @holydog arrived safe and well home, it was not a problem to find some cats on the street. I don't know why they like to walk in that watering canal. They are stray cats, living in one of the plots and usually, food is brought to them. They were not so afraid, but no cuddles either. Maybe next time...or if I bring them something they like to eat :D

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