My First Hyperbaric Chamber Experience

I've always been fascinated with the hyperbaric chamber ever since I saw boxer Juan Manuel Marquez using it as part of his training regimen. It's supposed to increase the oxygen in the blood which is crucial for tissue repair and help in fighting infections. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy are becoming popular among athletes to improve their performance and speed up recovery.

The cost of HBOT are not cheap here, around $120 per session so I only got to try it when I saw a promo price of $20 on my facebook feed. Called up the clinic and scheduled an appointment with them.

Finally, I will get to try it after more than a decade since I saw it 😅 First was undergoing some check up to see if my vitals were good. Then I was led to the room where they had the hyperbaric chamber. My first impression upon seeing it was not good, it's an inflattable type unlike the one Juan Manuel used . His was big enough to sit 4 or 5 persons. Anyway, I'm not paying full price so I did not voice out my disappointment.


The staff explained the standard operating procedure, what I would feel while inside the chamber, how the emergency button works. So in I go, there's a part where I have to close it from the inside. The chamber is not bad, no foul smell and have a comfortable reclining chair. Once the chamber is completely closed, it was filled with oxygen and I can feel the pressure building up. If you haven't experienced diving or don't know how to equalize, the experience won't be a pleasure one. The gauge is showing 35 PSI so it's more than double the normal atmospheric pressure. I didn't bring my phone with me so I get to observe every little detail. The session lasted for 40 minutes and after that, I feel a little bit hungry but perky.

I don't know if it's placebo effect but I did feel good that night. The downside, continuing the therapy would cost me $2K for 12 sessions. I said no to it since it's not a necessity for me right now and I knew I can find something cheaper in Alibaba 😁

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