9 days has passed... gruesome Chloe Ting Challenge

From day one before I put on an extra 1 kg after the first meet up with my brother’s family for a feast , to 9 days after weight gain, resting alternate days , break 2 days... and try again... the Chloe Ting Challenge was real !

I must have to say, even with the gym workout before Bangkok 2019 at the time, couldn’t beat the 9 days workout + rest combination.

Probably it was also the constant lockdown and inability to head off to the regular gym has brought down my stamina to an almost flat tire. Even it was only 10 minutes and gradually increased to 20 minutes intensive core training , most of the time I felt like about to give up and lay flat on the floor 😅

What was I once easy for me back in 2018-2019 is now a torture even for 30 seconds laps, which really see how unfit I have become 😂

4 + 1 kg gain in a year was no joke 🙈

The consolation prize was after 9 days, with the new smart scale I acquired to keep me in check and motivated, I do see great changes in my result . Even with loss of bone density and muscle a little, the fat readings did go down with a bonus of 1.9kg loss ! Still a long way to go and need to keep this as a maintenance, but perhaps flattening my bulging belly might just come true !
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