My Actifit Report Card: June 12 2021

I played a couple of rounds of disc golf at a couple of different courses today. I was going to meet a friend but they never showed up so I just played a couple of practice rounds.

I've been mostly working on my timing for my drives. I'm trying to get my hips and legs to move just a bit before my arm gets into the power pocket. It is tough to time things just right but when you do it does feel like you get more power into your drive.

More power is not more better if you end up hitting the first available tree though, lol. If I'm trying to hit a gap I don't worry about my timing as much as I try to get everything moving in a straight line with proper angle release.

I've been very gradually increasing my distance. Maybe this summer I'll get my timing down better.

I took these pictures this morning when Doggie and I were walking around:

Here's one of the odd looking "Zombie" snails I see around here occationally:

I'm not sure what causes the discoloration of the shells but when Doggie and I were out walking this evening we saw someone spraying down their yard with an odd looking substance. Of course correlation is not causation but still one has to wonder if the two events were related.

"What's that he's spraying?" I asked Doggie.

"Smells like it used to be food... before someone ate it," said Doggie.

I think Doggie has been hanging around me too much and has started to develop my odd humor.

Thanks for reading! I always value your support and comments. The pictures were taken by me with my Galaxy S9+. Text and graphics copyright lightsplasher & litesplasher.

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