My Actifit Report Card: January 13 2023

We had a brilliant sunny day after days of cold showers n freezing nights and everything's wintry but no snow. ..Really missed it. We'd spent too much time home in front of our monitors those days and were very thirsty for a sunny day suitable for giong out and reaching landscapes... My car needs some repairs otherwise we're going road trip upper and hiking snowy mountains in this amazing weather .. For now just a short walk from home to the forest nearby.. The brightside is we can bring Smarty with us..

It was about 5km walk and temperature was about 4c. Frosts had been melted n vaporised by the sun.

Sunshine's really amazing in a jungle with bare trees, leaves on the ground.

Milo and Smarty ..excited n playin..

We're talking, laughing, kissing n taking photos .. And goin back very early

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