My Day with Baby Cat


I'm not a cat person. I don't like cats at all, to be honest, but when my three dogs found this kitten who'd been abandoned by her mother I had to save her. I thought she'd die for sure because all three dogs had her in their mouths, but luckily for her, they were just play biting and she didn't actually get any puncture wounds from their teeth.


It was hard to hold back three dogs, but I was able to wrap her in my shirt and take her into my room. My landlord asked what I was doing and said I was crazy and should just dump her in the jungle. I can't go anywhere without the dogs following me so that cruel suggestion wasn't going to work. Plus, she'd just become snake food out there.


I live in a third-world country so it's not like I could go on Amazon and get the right food for her, but Mr. Google told me that cats are lactose intolerant so I thought this soy milk would be the best way to feed her.


Nope. Not having it. Not going to touch that stuff.


My dogs really love it when I chew up beef jerky for them. Maybe she'll be the same. Score! I thought that if I put some in the milk she'd drink some then, but she just took the jerky out. It must be some nasty stuff. I've never tried soy milk and now I never will.


She wasn't looking too hot with all the dried dog saliva so I gave her a bath. Since she's getting all the wrong things so far, using dog shampoo would have to work. It went surprisingly well. She didn't freak out at all and let me shampoo her. I'll never forget how she looked at my nipple then my face with a disappointed look that said, "God, this new mom sucks."

I think getting soap or water in the eyes and nose is what makes most animals hate baths. Even if an animal has been traumatized by the horrible word, bath, they can overcome their fear if someone new bathes them and keeps their eyes and nose dry. My neighbor was once surprised that I got her pit-pull to love taking baths with me and asked how I did it. I explained to her that I only gave her baths when it was super hot and never got it in her eyes or nose. Most animals will avoid taking a bath if they can though. Even though my dog, Spot, doesn't mind bathing, I tell him that he can either go outside or take a bath when I want him to go and he always chooses the door.


I'm out of my league here. It's been all day and not one person on Facebook is interested in adopting her and I was getting really sick of hearing her cry so I decided to put her in my front shirt pocket and go around town until someone takes her.


It's fun being a white guy who can read and speak the language. Most people assume you don't understand and say interesting things in front of you. Whenever I heard someone say, "Oh look at the white guy with the cat. So cute."

I thought it would be the perfect person to give the cat to, but they all said they weren't interested and to just dump her at the local temple. So I started temple hopping.


Not even the young novice monks wanted anything to do with this poor cat. I went to five different temples but found no luck.


After spending ALL day looking for a home and being rejected I was starting to think that I would be stuck with this cat. I made it to the only real pet shop on the other side of town, but they were closed. I explained to them the story and the shop owner's daughter fell in love with her at first sight so I felt I had finally found her a good place.


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