Exploring a new trail - Actifit: August 13 2022

We have many many trails near us, so I have no excuse for continually trodding along the same ones. (Though they do make me happy!) A summer Saturday seems like a great opportunity for exploring a new one, however.

The conditions for such an outing were perfect. I had to take my son to the camp where he’s working this summer, and it’s right near several hiking/biking trails. Not only that, but I had realized in the morning that one of my book clubs will be meeting in a few days, and I hadn’t yet started the book!

No problem! I “read” all my books on Audible while exercising, biking, gardening, doing dishes, etc. So I quickly downloaded the book to my phone and then drove my son to the camp and Googled “hiking trails near me.” I was directed to a trailhead 10 minutes away.

When I got to the trailhead I couldn’t decide which way to go. The trail extended in both directions. I could take a right from the parking lot, or a left.

I decided it didn’t really matter because either way, I was going to walk about two or three miles out and then turn around and walk back. I went left.

It was a really pretty trail. Lush greenery and wildflowers lined the trail on both sides.

This is a well-loved and well-traveled trail, even though in many places it has the feel of a remote area on the very outskirts of civilization. I saw a lot of other walkers, runners and cyclists.

In addition to trail pictures, I always try to get shots of the flowers and roadside attractions.

In the next one, you’ll see a beautiful yellow butterfly. Every time I see them, I want to ask if they’re doing okay.

The next few I would put in my “art photo” category, meaning I was trying to capture an artistic shot. (Yes, you can read that with a slight air of importance! 😁)

That’s it for my trail walk. I hope you had a great Saturday!


Photo credits: All of the photos in this post were taken by me with my iphone and belong to me, unless otherwise noted.

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