My Birthday Wednesday Walk - Actifit: November 3 2021

Today was a fantastic day. I always take my birthday off of work, so it was a fun and free day! The first activity of the day was a trip with some girlfriends to an adorable little town out west of where we live — past farmland and countryside and lots of barns!

We strolled around and went into some of the fun shops. I found some great little gifts at a cute consignment store. I will share some those pictures in this week’s Market Friday post.

The town is Buffalo, Minnesota, and they have Buffalo statues in several places around town. So we posed together in front of one of them.

After that we had lunch and then went walking at the lake.

Later, my husband made dinner for me, and then we went to a place that has billiards and bocce ball. My husband had reserved a bocce ball lane. It was really fun. Then we took a walk around the lake there.

All in all a wonderful day! Thank you for visiting!

Be sure to check out the #wednesdaywalk and #makemesmile tags, if you are not yet familiar with them. Wednesday Walk is hosted by @tattoodjay. It is great fun, and a wonderful way to see the beautiful places people walk all around the world! Make Me Smile is hosted by @elizacheng and is all about bringing a smile to someone's face.


Photo credits: All of the photos in this post were taken by me with my iphone and belong to me, unless otherwise noted.

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